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From May 27 to the end of 2021, new songs from Nali's debut album entitled El Manifesto

It started with the single "Fly My Kite" in May of this year, which was described by the ReverbNation Crowd Review as "soothing", "mesmerizing", "inspiring" and "magical". Then "Piekni" (beautiful people) came out with a unique music video featuring the footage from fans. In August, the artist showed another color of her music by publishing the grotesque song Little MEs with a music video in the style of an old horror film.

The latest single is "Napisać Sobie" (Write It Yourself), a lullaby with a slightly surprising development. Works on a music video are in progress and will be, like all videos, shot in Peru.

We have two more premieres this year, namely the song "Martian Bar" in two language versions. By the end of the year, the artist's entire mini album will be available on all streaming platforms.


Nala Spark: / Whatsapp: +51 992929773

PRESS about Nala and “Fly My Kite”


ReverbNation Crowd REVIEW:

“Absolutely BEAUTIFUL” / “Emotional and INSPIRING” / “MEANINGFUL lyrics” / “FANTASTIC vocals” / “Charming and ANGELIC voice” / "A MAGICAL touch and feeling of the piano” / “Instruments FLOURISHING at the highest level possible” / “PURE talent that can not be denied”



Nala is “a new artist debuting, bringing something ORIGINAL, UNHEARD and AUTHENTIC to the music scene. In the case of Nala Spark, singer and songwriter, this debut takes the form of a smoothing, delicate single, ‘Fly My Kite’, showcasing the singer’s songwriting expertise and her MESMERISING VOCAL ABILITIES, and posing the cornerstone for a successful career.”






Nala Spark is a Polish singer and songwriter with passionate, expressive vocals. Nala's songs often turn difficult experiences into personal strength and peace, which gives them a transformative power. Her music is sometimes described as "soothing" and "cheerful", but also "theatrical". No wonder, because Spark has experience as a pantomime actress and opera director (under her family name). This also explains why she enjoys directing and editing music videos for her songs.

Nala uses a wide vocal range, combining various vocal techniques. The lyrics are very important to her, so the vocals follow the meaning, playing with it. Her music shows influences of pop, folk and jazz, and the author herself describes her music as a singer-songwriter genre and independent pop. Her style is considered quite unique, although some listeners compare her to Katie Melua and Kate Bush. Nala openly talks about being inspired by artists such as Regina Spektor and Norah Jones.


Nala Spark’s debut EP “El Manifesto” is a speech of a soul manifesting inner power and human ability of transformation. Spanish titled album contains English and Polish lyrics and represents the three-linguistic reality of a singer-songwriter who lived in Poland, Malta, Spain and now in Peru. “El Manifesto” is being released single by single starting with “Fly My Kite” on 18 of May. The whole album will be available for purchase on since July 14th.

Each of Nala’s songs on the EP has a different character, “Fly My Kite” is soothing, “Little MEs” grotesque-ish, “Martian Bar” fairy-talish “Piękni” joyful and “Napisać Sobie” is a poetic lullaby. However instrumentally they are all based on piano played by Jedrzej Skajster and accordion played by Michal Mihok. Nala Spark, the author of all songs, plays her ukulele here and there and binds everything together with her characteristic vocals and storytelling.

The whole album was recorded and engineered by Mateusz Janiczak in Village Records, Poland.


High resolution pictures.


Live performances to give you the vibe and the idea. CLICK ON THE PIC to watch and listen.

Bardzo Bardzo Club, Poland

A concert of Nala’s songs played by her and Jędrzej Skajster. Here “Ukulele z wtyczką”, a song very much liked by the Polish audience.

Somewhere in Prague

A spontaneous jam with Michal Mihok. Here “It’s Real”, one of Nala’s songs.

Somewhere in Peru

Okay, okay, this one isn’t LIVE, but it’s fun and you wanna see it :) Especially if it’s December!

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